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Climate-neutral cycling lanes


We help you design your wooden infrastructure. Then, we manufacture it and we build it.


Modular Cycling was founded by Jean Huvelle, a cycling engineer convinced that there are other cycling roads to be built than asphalted oceans.


We are excited to share with you our various projects that we have been working on. From innovative technology solutions to sustainability initiatives.


We are the first to take to the market a solution to cost-effectively put together long stretches of wooden cycling tracks.

Our products are split into two main areas, ground-based and above- ground solutions, both on the basis of a 12m modular length and 2,5m modular width as standards, built from local wood species and in accordance with Eurocode’s requirements.

Check our presentation to the timber cluster “Tillverka i trä” (in Swedish) here:


Modular elevated tracks in local wood to foster safe and rapid active mobility.

Avoid dynamite, reach for the sky instead! Wooden structures enable smooth gradients without impacting the terrain for ever after.

Create space in urban environment. Through layering, puzzle together that crowded street section that stubbornly lacks space.

Overcome barrier effects in a cost-effective way. Our solutions are designed according to bridge standards, delivering an effective way to re-connect the cycling net over railroads, rivers, or motorways. 


Modular tracks in local timber to foster safe and rapid active mobility with reduced environmental imprint

80% carbon released for greenfield tracks come for the soil and land use change. Our prefabricated solution only impact 5-15% of the surface used by traditional, asphalted ones. This mean embedded carbon reduction down to 75%. Actually, our wooden modules bind more carbon in their structure than is released in their installation.

Avoid flash floods. Soil sealing is a major issue in an increasingly artificalised Landscape. Our solutions enable the conservation of permeable soil below the track, fostering biodiversity and preventing excessive water run-offs.

Our climate is changing and our cities are particularly exposed to urban heats islands.

Using timber instead of asphalt, our solution actively contribute to lowering local overheating risks improving people’s health.


Our FAQ will answer all the questions you have ever had but never dared asked about wooden tracks. Click on the link below and start discovering.

Q: Isn’t a wooden path slippery?

Who we are

Modular Cycling was founded by Jean Huvelle, a cycling engineer convinced that there are other cycling roads to be built than asphalted oceans.
The concept behind VelSol and VelAir came along through his observations of the need for more alternative solutions to active mobility infrastructure, enabling safer, faster, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly ways of expending the micromobility networks in cities, towns and countries.
At this stage, our small team is cooperating with a range of partners to deliver on the company’s mission and ambition.