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ModC Networks AB ambitions to increase soft mobility’s scope and safety, while decreasing its infrastructures’ environmental imprint by providing CO2-negative, versatile and safe alternatives to traditional fossil-based infrastructure.

Finally, a cycling experience free of petroleum products!

ModC Networks AB develops, builds and installs innovative low-carbon pedestrian and cycling infrastructure solutions.
By replacing asphalt with wood, we provide a healthier product both for people and the earth.
Taking advantage of the combination of centuries-long experience and cutting-edge wood research present in Sweden, we solve the associated technical challenges to deliver a safe and reliable product with limited maintenance requirements and long lifetime.
Our vision is to enable safer, more sustainable, and more widespread soft mobility infrastructure to support our society’s transition towards a decarbonized mobility.
By making our product modular, we are able to reach high quality standards for a competitive price.
Our wooden cycling path is available in various dimensions, ground-based or in an elevated configuration (overpasses).
Based in Sweden, MCN is active on the European market.

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